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Kristaps Elsins
Kristaps Elsins

Riga, Latvia

UI / UX designer

app ui, dashboard, ios design, mobile, mobile app ui, responsive design, ui, ux, web applications, web design

  1. Caption app concept visual editor social media captions software timeline editing video editor editor caption clean ux application web app riga latvia ui
  2. Contact me - Concept scheduling scheduler contact form timepicker schedule contactform calendar contact sketch dailyui clean ux application web app riga latvia ui
  3. Icons free icon download free icon set free icon freebies freebie free iconography riga latvia icon
  4. Login UI sign in signin login web ui startup dailyui clean ux application web riga latvia app ui
  5. Dark or Light? Let me know! :) cgi 3dart blender3dart 3d dark light isometric dailyrender blender 3d blender render
  6. Casual Thursday evening shot practising blender guide location blender3d blender 3d map ux application web riga latvia app ui
  7. Learning blender games xbox render isometric 3d blender3d blender riga latvia
  8. Messing around with Blender latvia riga 3d blender 3d blender3d schemes scheme random noob blender
  9. UI+UX Bootcamp Logo idenity bootcamp branding latvia riga uiuxdesign ui logo
  10. Calendar sketch freebie dashboard web app ux user interface free dailyui sketch freebie riga clean application latvia web app ui calendar
  11. Working on some cool freebie web app user interface dashboard website application startup clean web app ux riga latvia activity calendar graph web ui freebie sketch webui ui
  12. Just shooting some hoops in dribbble ui  ux design app  design ios application ios app ui  ux latvia riga food app ui application design map food app mobile app ui
  13. My first livestream 🎉 clean ux live riga app design website application latvia web ui
  14. YOSEMITE CONSERVANCY - Mobile app #yosemitechallenge latvia riga yosemitechallenge light application ios app hiking app travel app mobile ui
  15. getmedusa.com chat app design overhaul saas mobile ui light mobile chat chat app chat latvia riga web app clean ux ui
  16. #SPACEDchallenge - To space and back, safely. booking travel mobile mobile app latvia riga application ui app spacedchallenge
  17. You have new message @ getmedusa.com chat notification email notification new message message ui email
  18. Medusa main UI! Sign up for beta! app webapp chat ui web ux chat ui
  19. I am participating in producthunt hackathon! web app webapp sign in form ux login ui
  20. FB Like chatbox .sketch freebie webui ux clean facebook web ui chat
  21. Sketch experiments 01 - .sketch file included sketch experiment random abstract triangle gif graphic
  22. New project I am working on weekends. web app. clean mobile interface user interface web ui mobile ui ui jobs joblist
  23. Device icons gaming printer sonos nest tv macbook icon kit icons
  24. App design for Mesh Wi-Fi System user intervace ui internet speed dashboard application ios app
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